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Ribbon Glitter pen

Ribbon Glitter pen

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This listing is for a breast cancer ribbon glitter pen. You choose the glitter color of the ribbon on the glitter pen. The pen will automatically come in white glitter unless previously approved for a different glitter. You choose the vinyl color for the ribbon and the name, as well as choose your own font style.  Please reach out to me by email if you are wanting to customize the pen.

Check out our Breast Cancer Bundle which includes a ribbon badge reel and glitter pen. 

If you’re looking for a customized option, please send us an email. 


Badge reels are 2 inches acrylic shapes that are glittered then sealed with UV resin for a glossy and durable finish.
Each badge comes with your choice of a reel. We have two options: the alligator clip which is a swivel clip that turns 360 degrees or a belt clip which will stay in place. They make such a great accessory to add to your work badges.
Please be mindful, each piece is handmade so imperfections may appear.
Each badge buddy is acrylic and is fully customized by you. You choose your creative ideas come to life. You choose the vinyl print, glitter color, font style and font color. You have the option of adding your name and/or title. Please double check spelling.
Horizontal Badge Buddies is sized 3.1" x 3.4"
Please note in the picture, the brown backing is only paper and is used to protect the acrylic piece. It is removed before glitter is applied.
Badge buddies are not heavy in weight. They weigh less than an ounce.
Badge buddies are used to be attached to badge reels.
Please be mindful, each piece is handmade so imperfections may appear.

Shipping & Returns

Due to each item being a customized product, we do not offer any returns or exchanges. If you believe there is an issue with your order, please feel free to email us and we’d be happy to assist you.

Care Instructions

*DO NOT CLEAN WITH ALCOHOL* Avoid any alcohol-based cleaners.
Carefully clean with a soft cloth. For harder messes, lightly use soap and water to clean.
Avoid rough wear and tear with pens. They can break if knocked against hard surfaces.
Avoid prolonged exposure to heat or water.
Pens are refillable!

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